What Does it Mean to be Lutheran?



Essentially to be Lutheran is to be centered on The Scriptures and what they say about the person and work of Jesus Christ. To be Lutheran is to be focused on what Martin Luther called “The Theology of The Cross”  which is the understanding that the center of all things in both our faith and in the Scriptures is on that of Jesus’s death for our sins.

We are called Lutherans because it was derogatory term. Luther never wanted a church named after him. Essentially Luther wanted the Catholic Church to be reformed and reverse the dogmas that he saw went away from the Gospel.

To be Lutheran is to believe that we in our own right cannot do anything to merit the Grace of God but that because God loved us that he gives his only Son to die for us. He gives his Son to take away our sins and to transform us to being holy children of God.  For Lutherans Jesus is the sole source of all our goodness and love. He is the connection between the fallen creation and it’s God.


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