It’s Time to Stop Limiting The Holy Spirit

Seriously it’s time to stop limiting the Holy Spirit. We seem to hear the same old reasons for why we need to add or change the Word; “for the sake of either those new to the faith or the youngest among us, our children”.

It seems to be a perennial idea within our local churches. The excuses seem to say the same thing. People need milk not meat (which by the way is a twisting of Scripture). The truth is that we are all at different levels in our faith but the Word speaks to us all regardless. The Spirit uses the Word itself for all truth. The message does not need to be crafted to a demographic. The sermon in the service is for all not some. As long as we speak the Word in context and according to the lectionary all things essential will be covered.While it is important for those who do struggle or who are not fimilar with the things said to take that up in private with their pastor or on Sunday Bible study. The idea that punches needing to be pulled for whatever reason is essentially limiting the Holy Spirit. While some of us do need more time in Catechism and the Scriptures, this does not negate that the Gospel speaks to all because it speaks to the thing that is not our own, our faith.

Our faith is from the Holy Spirit it his work in us regardless of our sin, age or domination. Let’s stop saying that preaching or Spirit influenced liturgy somehow needs us to add or subtract. Let us be confident that God grows us in our faith as long as we come to the source.


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