A Response To My Critics

In my post entitled Radical Lutheranism is Adjunct Calvinism. I received a mix of valid criticism and unfair attacks from some in Radical Lutheran circles. While I do admit my grammar made it hard to understand my points; and I take full credit for that. The contentions I made were still valid.  I understand that the best thing to do is to remove my post and rewrite it. This is something I have already started on but I would like to take time to respond to my critics.

First, let me start with the problems of my grammar. I will be the first to admit that as someone with learning disabilities, it is difficult sometimes to edit my posts.  This is my problem and I have to overcome it if I want anyone to take my writing serious. I am thankful for the few of you who honestly wanted to give me constructive criticism regarding this; even though you disagreed with my points.  Grammar is important but some of you also just used this as a way to personally attack me and ignore my points.

Second, I would like to address those who personally attacked and mocked me. It is very easy thing to do this when you are in group with those who agree with you.  Only one of you thought of actually addressing me on this and that speaks volumes. It is easy to “preach to the choir” it is a far different thing to address the person you disagree with. The only actual argument made was a very weak one. I was accused of not knowing reformation theology but then no support for this claim was given.  If you wish to criticize someone for their grammar then be ready to be criticized for making poor arguments. I would like to think this is an isolated thing but it is a trend I see in your group.

Finally, let me be frank I can respect that you disagree with me.  I can respect that you see the problems with legalism; I think it is a problem too. I however do not respect the way you handle fair criticism. I do not respect the games and antics the majority of radical Lutherans play. I do not respect criticizing a post by attacking all the small unimportant things as substitute for making valid points.  I do not respect that you act more like bullies than loving brothers and sisters in the faith. I do not respect your attacks on decent confessional Lutherans.  I do believe it would behoove all of you to rethink your tactics especially if you want more folks to consider your points. While I do believe some in your circle have been unfairly criticized I think others have not helped with that.  I do think you are wrong. I do think your being very problematic with how you see things.

Considering everything, I understand that nothing I say can convince you of your problems. I mean you won’t listen to solid Lutheran pastors and theologians, whom do not struggle with grammar. You won’t even listen to what the Confessions really say.

I will rewrite my post and then move on from this topic.



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